Jamey Giddens, May 14, 2010

Considering how many soap opera characters have inspired drag acts over the years (Dorian Lord, anyone?) it was only a matter of time before a sudsy series featuring one came about. In The Cavanaughs— premiering next Thursday, May 20—  a rag tag group of friends, lovers, frenemies and the aforementioned drag queen assembles to put together a hit TV series, only the behind-the-scenes drama threatens to be outshine the comedy onscreen!

Created by Adrian Morales (CSI: NY), who also stars in the 6-part web series as Bryan, The Cavanaughs is a spinoff of the stage play The Seven Lessons of Life, which made its debut in Hollywood in 2003. Think Sordid Lives meets 30 Rock. The Cavanaughs looks like a lot of fun! Check out a storyline breakdown for the series and a few teaser clips after the jump.