THE CAVANAUGHS is an indie soap follows a group of friends on the path of creating a television sitcom that has hit a snag. “Friendships and loyalties are put to the test in Season Two,” previews creator and star Adrian Morales. “The sitcom’s new executive producer Hope (Kimberly Fox) wants Justin (Kevin Makely) and is determined to rid the cast of her rival, Maddie (2010 Indie Soap Award Outstanding Lead Actress Nominee Cwennen Corral). This will have a ripple effect on the entire cast. Noreen Cavanaugh (Ginger Snappz) steps up to the plate and will get a divine push from Shea (Ryan Kibby). Meanwhile the friendship of straight girl Sarah (Amanda Broadwell) and gay guy Scott (Daniel Rhyder) is strained when Scott becomes jealous of Sarah’s new suitor Zack (Matthew Trbovich) and finds himself falling for straight guy hunk Mark (Grant Landry).”

THE CAVANAUGHS stars Ginger Snappz, Amanda Broadwell, Cwennen Corral, Kimberly Fox, Grant Landry, Kevin Makely, Adrian Morales, Deborah Estelle Philips, Daniel Rhyder, Percy Rustomji, Matthew Trbovich.