Shooting Season 3 has begun and The Cavanaughs is not without a few changes. Not returning is recurring cast member Beverly Fairfax. The character was shipped off to Puerta Vallarta, which coincidentally so did the actor (Eric Vann) who has relocated to retire. Noreen Cavanaugh is slated to get a new best friend, to be announced shortly.

In a surprising announcement via FaceBook, due to scheduling conflicts, Kimberly Fox will not be returning as the popular villianess Hope. She will be replaced by Camille Bennett Wilson.

Also joining the cast is Travis Seaborn in the role of Cary, a writer who joins the production staff.

The Season 3 storyline will show the group already in production for their sitcom. “The show within in a show concept has finally arrived, and the ante has been upped for all the characters. We’re condensing 24 episodes into 12 so there is alot of action going on, and we are quite excited. In Season 1, we introduced our main characters as people you want to see succeed. Season 2, we strengthened their family unit. And now, it’s time to have fun and see the drama unfold and let loose.”

The Cavanaughs is scheduled to release new episodes this fall. Stay tuned.