As the outrageous den mother and television star Noreen Cavanaugh, Ginger Snappz cannot help but steal every scene in The Cavanaughs. Ginger Snappz is an original cast member of indie-soap The Cavanaughs,  now entering its third season. Recently, Ginger Snappz was given honorable mention by the Deep Dish site for  Most Entertaining Character – Web Series of 2010. With production already underway, Ginger Snappz took her turn to hilariously answer our questions, no-holds-barred.

How are you alike or different from the character you play?
I’m more alike than I am different to my character, Noreen Cavanaugh. Noreen and Ginger could be twin sisters! I’ve been told I often take on the role of “Den Mother”, protector and poke my nose in others’ business when I think it’s for the overall goodness of a friend-I have also been very successful in creating my own family, in addition to my relatives, and I treasure them like gold! Like Noreen, I can be loud at times, but always in the best sense of the word. I like a cocktail or nine, a fabulous meal, and large, blingy jewelry! I too am also electrified by a tall, good looking man-dark hair and eyes are something Noreen and Ginger just swoon over! I’m always ready for a party, but secure enough that I don’t require being the center of attention-that comes with being comfortable with the status of a legend! Like Noreen, I’d give the mink off my back, (if it was the fake one!)!
How did you land your part?
Well, it helps to know the producers. I’m told that it was Cwennen Corral [Maddie], the raven haired beauty (one of the producers) that brought my name up. Adrian asked, and so it is! I was asked to replace an already existing Noreen, which at one time made me feel nervous in that I would be filming scenes in that very actors home, MY FIRST DAY!!!! Would I live up to what was already setup? Could a change so noticeable be made? The first day was fabulous, I met the wonderful director Byron MacDonald, a class act and someone who “get’s it” and a day filming in the hills of Silverlake (the swish alps) was sublime. 
Tell us a memorable moment or a blooper you had on set?
Hmmmm…..having Percy Rustomji (Dumas) grab my supple breasts was a shock, and a small thrill, captured on camera. Some of the best moments are just rolling and ad-libbing lines, never knowing what’s going to end up on screen! Some of the most memorable moments are when the cameras aren’t rolling, and you realize you’re so blessed to be in the company of some very talented actors, authentic souls, that you truly love.
What do you think the secret to a good life is ?
Laugh as much as you can, and at yourself! Surround yourself with people who make you happy and add value to your life. Don’t buy cheap booze or perfume. Don’t wear tight clothes unless you can. Wear real fur. Don’t drink and drive, that’s what studio drivers are for! Don’t lie about your age, your weight is OK. Look in the mirror before you leave and put some effort into it! Say yes when you’re tired, you can sleep when your dead! Have at least one lover who doesn’t speak or understand English-that rule doesn’t apply to the help! Bubble baths, wine, candles! Know that everything happens for a reason, it’s already been decided!
Would you hang out with your character ? Why ?
Why not!!!!!! Booze! Boys! Laughter! Boys! More booze! The high probability of an arrest! The even higher probability of Noreen punching a Kardashian in the throat! Noreen has a black belt.
‘The Cavanaughs’ return Thursday October 6, 2011
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