The Cavanaughs leading lady Cwennen Corral has been with the web series since its early start on live stage. At the 2nd Annual Indie Soap Awards, recently held in NYC, Cwennen was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress.   The character Maddie, while trying to mount a television sitcom,  has survived her brother’s death, reunited with her true love, and stood her ground with her religious beliefs and her rival Hope.  As Season 3 approaches, Maddie doesn’t know it but the rug will be pulled from under her when a secret regarding her brother’s death is revealed.  But first, let’s get to know Cwennen Corral as she takes her turn as a lil Q&A.


How are you alike or different from the character you play?

Maddie tends to pull away from friends/family when she’s troubled, I’m the opposite I run to my family/friends when I’m in trouble.

How did you land your part?

Adrian Morales (the shows’ creator and character Bryan) and I have been friends for many years and he wrote the part for me.  Pretty nice, eh?

Tell us a memorable moment or blooper you had on set?

There have been many memorable moments with a cast as diverse as ours (especially with the likes of Mike Womack (Noreen), Percy Rusty(Dumas) and Dina Martinez, as herself), but most recently Adrian and I were discussing a scene and he mentioned plowing me, what he meant to say was “plowing through my scene”.   Adrian and I fell out laughing.

What do you think the secret to a good life is?

Knowing that every day you have is a gift from God.  My feeling is that if you are doing what you love to do you are successful and money does not equal success, it’s just a nice perk.

Would you hang out with your character? Why?

Overall I think I would hang out with Maddie, I would have to be patient with her though, because I believe Maddie is much more passive then I am. 

(Pics from the 2nd Annual Indie Soap Awards)

‘The Cavanaughs’ return Thursday October 6, 2011
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