Daniel Rhyder is an original cast member on the indie web soap ‘The Cavanaughs’, which returns for its third season on October 6, 2011. The character of good guy Scott is the other half of the popular best friend couple, Scott and Sarah (played by Amanda Broadwell). In the season two finale, Scott found himself in an unexpected compromising position with both Sarah and Sarah’s ex-crush Mark. When the story picks up, Scott finds himself conflicted with wanting to pursue something with Mark while not wanting to hurt his best friend Sarah.  What will Scott do? In the meantime, get to know Daniel Rhyder as he takes his turn at The Cavanaughs Q&A.


How are you alike or different from the character you play?

I love Scott’s spirit and idealism.  He probably doesn’t stress as much as I do which I also love, and he’s a really great friend to Sarah and Mark.  He definitely drinks more than me though!  🙂


How did you land your part?

 Adrian [Morales, series creator] and I had mutual friends but he initially contacted me through Facebook.  I guess I can thank Mark Zuckerberg for this job  🙂


 Tell us a memorable moment or a blooper you had on set?

 Every moment on set feels memorable its truly such a great group of people to work with.  And that’s not lip service.  I did have a scene where I was on roller blades and was supposed to be very bad at blading.  Well, my first take I went “way method” and totally fell on my ass and scraped my elbow. That was embarrassing  🙂


 What do you think the secret to a good life is ?

 Balance, service, and a stiff drink. Oh, and ending every sentence with a 🙂


 Would you hang out with your character ? Why ?

 I would totally hang out with Scott.  He’s a rocking good time and he’s a genuinely nice person.  And his friends are pretty cute too  🙂

‘The Cavanaughs’ return Thursday October 6, 2011
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