Adrian Morales is the series creator of indie soap ‘The Cavanaughs’, also in which he produces and performs in the role of Bryan. The character of Bryan is the writer of the sitcom within the soap. In past seasons Bryan has struggled to overcome the death of his best friend and lover Shea while trying to create a television sitcom. In Season 3, a secret will be revealed regarding Shea’s death and it will have a devastating ripple effect on his friends. Before all this occurs, let’s get to know Adrian as he takes his turn at The Cavanaughs Q&A.


How are you alike or different from the character you play?

We are both pretty driven individuals though I know I am more wacky. I am way more showtune oriented and outgoing. In the sense of his storyline, we have both lost a very close loved one. So playing Bryan is kinda theraputic in some sense. 

How did you land your part?

In the original stage version, an actor literally fell ill and I stepped in since I wrote the part. So I stayed with it when we segued to the tv pilot and the webseries. From the stage version, Cwennen Corral (Maddie) and Amanda Broadwell (Sarah) are also still here. It’s awesome to share this journey with them and now with our webseries cast.

Tell us a memorable moment or a blooper you had on set?

I’m grateful and thankful for every moment on set. And I’m sure everyone gets sick of me saying that on set. But I truly am. Seriously, with the time and dedication the cast and crew put in their respective roles  I am amazed at the positive environment we have on set. So a huge cheers and bow to them. As for memorable moments. Our first cast pic from Season 1 in Silverlake. Our Season 2 finale cast bar scene. So many adlibs and so much love. This season… goes to getting the crap scared out of me in a scene with Ryan Kibby (Shea). Won’t say what he did, but he got me good!

What do you think the secret to a good life is ?

Recently, I asked Joshua Gollish [Original DP, Season 1] how are ya, and he’d say, “I’m living the dream. One dream at a time”. I love that. So to me, is all about love, positivity, setting an example and giving back. And to find something to smile about each day.

 Would you hang out with your character ? Why ?

 I would. The boy can drink and I’d be curious on who would out do who. Besides I like to surround myself with good positive creative people, and I like to think Bryan would fall into that category.

‘The Cavanaughs’ return Thursday October 6, 2011
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