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Adrian Morales’ THE CAVANAUGHS returns for its third season on Thursday, October 6. Episodes will air every Thursday.

In Seasons 1 and 2, the core characters were established as friends who have formed a family of their own as they embark on creating a television sitcom. Season 3 reveals secrets and lies that will bring devastating consequences.

The first two episodes focus on the success of their hard work as The Cavanaughs produce their sitcom. Episode 3 ignites the storyline to umbrella the entire season – the truth behind Shea’s death which will affect every character and change their lives forever.

Mark will be forced to make a choice between career and potential love. Noreen will revisit the past in order to change the future. Hope continues to finagle her quest to win back Justin and will use Charley (Deborah Estelle Phillips, pictured above) as a pawn. Bryan will reveal a deadly secret not knowing others are listening.

Camille Bennett-Wilson, Carla Marie and Travis Seaborn join the cast this season.

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