Percy Rustomji plays the outrageous yet harmless Dumas on the indie websoap The Cavanaughs. Season 1 saw Dumas going to extreme lengths to keep the relationship with his former step brother Mark (played by Grant Landry) alive following the divorce of their parents. Dumas holds Mark on a pedestal and yearns to have a successful acting career though none of his efforts have panned out. In Season 3, Dumas joins the  crew of the sitcom ‘The Cavanaughs’ as a production assistant and his quest to have a role only grows. Will Dumas get his wish or will he self sabotage himself? Before that gets answered, take a moment to read Percy’s very humorous turn at The Cavanaughs Season 3 Q&A.


How are you alike or different from the character you play?

The character of Dumas was written for me…so I’m not like him at all.  He’s loud, wild, annoying, and bursts into song …I, Percy Rusty am in real life very calm, placid, and straight (sinister laugh). Dumas is me, all my friends say  “You aren’t acting Percy, you are just being Percy when they yell action.”  Ok that’s still acting!!!  But, it’s much easier, and much more fun! Who needs character work???  Who wants to play a jewish princess trapped in a cell, when you can play a flamboyant bottom who breaks into ballet at a club???


How did you land your part?

I remember getting woken up by a phone call from Adrian(the creator) about an audition THREE YEARS ago for the role of Brad in the sitcom version of ‘The Cavanaughs’,  I auditioned with Amanda Broadwell(Sarah) and Adrian was laughing so hard at the foolish things I was doing.  Halfway through my second audition walked in a tall red-haired diva eating yogurt.  Her name was Cwennen and she made me nervous because she looked so damn important eating her yogurt and watching me audition (like I was the millionth BRAD auditioning), but she had a huge smile on her face and yogurt all over her lips so I knew it was gonna be ok 🙂  Turns out she liked me..who knew?!  I didn’t get the part but Adrian said I was so fun that if it ever got greenlit he’d write me in.  A year ago I got a call from him saying …HEY I WROTE A PART FOR YOU.  I quit my job and the rest is history…..haha


Tell us a memorable moment or a blooper you had on set?

Well My first scene with Ginger aka Noreen ….I just tried to do so many things to impress him with my wild imagination.  After a funny line delivered by him I felt some dead air for a few seconds…my insecurities kicked in so I had to do something ….I HONKED ONE OF HER BREASTS!!! She burst into laughter and as usual I felt a little awkward, yet satisfied.  

Also I love working with Grant…he plays Mark and his line was “Dumas keep your mouth shut” …I responded with “But my hole is always closed…” it wasn’t the line written for me, I just wanted to see Grants reaction…..peehee

Also the thing about The Cavanaughs cast…..I have tons of fun during the time in between my scenes…Cwennen who plays Maddie is so fun to talk to and we can chat for hours, Deborah who plays Charlie laughs at everything I say (so you know i be lovin that!!!) and Kevin Makely is just plain chest-o-licious….Daniel/Noreen/Dina/Grant are all these huge personalities that just clash into one big orgy on the couches when we aren’t rolling….oh and sometimes when we are rolling which creates a loud SHUT UP!! from Adrian 🙂


What do you think the secret to a good life is ?

 Where the hell did this question come from?? “It’s like: “What is your favorite crustacean?” haha well I don’t think I know the secret to a good life yet …I know the secret to a happy life is to LET THINGS GO…it’s foolish to always tell yourself to think positive ONLY!!! …because negative things happen, and you have to accept them, learn and move forward….otherwise you’ll just end up denying everything.  I want to live truthfully, however… I keep moving on past the negative and focus on the fun!  …I have always felt that my life is going to be full of fun and happiness no matter what, and that anything negative that comes my way will only make a better E TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY 🙂


Would you hang out with your character ?

Absolutely not….I’d kill him.  Can you imagine hanging out with yourself??!??!!  Constant competition !! BTW it’s my birthday!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!! I’m forever 21 like the clothing line… 🙂  (wow, its my birthday and I’m at home filling out a questionnaire …clearly I’m single) 

‘The Cavanaughs’ return Thursday October 6, 2011
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