The Cavanaughs Season 3, Episode 5 : Wrestle with the Devil

Sarah gives Scott her blessing for him to pursue Mark. Maddie is unahappy when Justin decides he’s taking Hope’s job promotion offer. Bryan relives Shea’s death. Cary delivers bad news to Noreen. When Charley is outted as lesbian by a celebrity gossip blogger, Mark falls into Hope’s clutches.

Featuring original song “Feeling Thru This Life” by Ryan Kibby

** Another outtake can be seen during the credits **

Director: Byron Macdonald
DP: George Ballenger

Ginger Snappz (Noreen Cavanaugh)
Camille Bennett (Hope)
Amanda Broadwell (Sarah)
Cwennen Corral (Maddie)
Grant Landry (Mark)
Kevin Makely (Justin)
Adrian Morales (Bryan)
Deborah Estelle Philips (Charley)
Daniel Rhyder (Scott)
Percy Rustomji (Dumas)

Ryan Kibby (Shea)
Dina Martinez (Herself)
Travis Seaborn (Cary)
Matthew Trbovich (Zack)
Nathaniel Vincent (Bingo)

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