The Cavanaughs Season 3, Episode 306 : Surrender

After being outted as a lesbian by a gossip blogger and being banished by her parents for being gay, Charley contemplates suicide. Hope makes sure Scott is out of the picture, though Scott is onto her ways. Dumas learns of Mark and Hope and uses it to his advantage. Noreen summons Charley’s mother Charlotte (Carla Marie joins the cast). Cary and Dumas inadvertently discover who truly ‘outted’ Charley.

*clips of bonus flashback episode shown during credits*

Director: Byron Macdonald
DP: George Ballenger

Ginger Snappz (Noreen Cavanaugh)
Camille Bennett (Hope)
Amanda Broadwell (Sarah)
Cwennen Corral (Maddie)
Grant Landry (Mark)
Kevin Makely (Justin)
Adrian Morales (Bryan)
Deborah Estelle Philips (Charley)
Daniel Rhyder (Scott)
Percy Rustomji (Dumas)

Ron Davis (Marlon)
Ryan Kibby (Shea)
Carla Marie (Charlotte)
Regina Ramirez-Macdonald (Gossip Blogger)
Travis Seaborn (Cary)
Matthew Trbovich (Zack)
Nathaniel Vincent (Bingo)

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