Sneak Preview…The Cavanaughs – The Improv Episode.

When The Cavanaughs return December 1st with Ep 307 (entitled: Memory of a Happy Moment), the series will flashback two years to the last birthday of the late Shea (Ryan Kibby). This stand alone episode was filmed all improv and hand held. A sneak preview was seen in the credits of Episode 306, in which a sad haunting image showed Shea (Ryan Kibby) and Charley (Deborah Estelle Philips) looking off into the ocean. As viewers recall in the cliffhanger of Ep 306,  Charley has accidentally fallen off a building into a gruesome fate.

“Since this is the internet, we have the freedom to try new things. Originally we meant to only film lil snippets for Episode 303, but then something happened. The cast just started to have fun in character, and we decided to run with it”, said creator Adrian Morales. “This entire story has been about the family that has been created amongst this circle of friends, who come from all different backgrounds. And the love they created and have invited viewers to see has been so inspirational. I feel its important to remind the viewers the love these people feel for each other because things are going to get dramatically worse for them, but it’ll be fantastic storytelling for the viewers.”

The episode was originally filmed after a photo shoot the cast did in September 2011 on the beach of Santa Monica. Afterwards which, the cast plopped into their roles and had a heyday.

Fascinating sneaks is seeing Ginger Snappz (Noreen Cavanaugh) out of drag. Mark (Grant Landry) is still the role model Dumas (Percy Rustomji) looks up to,  Sarah’s (Amanda Broadwell) playful relationship with Mark before Scott has entered the picture gives a small sigh. Highlighted even more are the relationships between Justin (Kevin Makely) and Maddie (Cwennen Corral), and the ill fated lovers Bryan (Adrian Morales) and Shea (Ryan Kibby). We will also learn who originally suggested turning the play The Cavanaughs into a sitcom, thus starting the entire premise of the indie soap.

We are looking forward to this inventive episode. Hope you are too.

Episode 307 will be like an entre acte for the second part of Season 3. As previewed, the story is moving to a snowball climax. Will Charley survive her fall? Will Mark stay with Hope? How will Bryan’s secret affect Maddie and the cast? And most importantly, will Hope get what she deserves?

Stay tuned…

Episode 303 Montage (cue to 15:15) :

Episode 306 Mid Season finale :