On Thursday December 29, 2011, The Cavanaughs will complete its Season 3 run with a finale. Charley (Deborah Estelle Philips) is released from the hospital and a welcome home party is held for her. Hope (Camille Bennett), who has been fired from The Cavanaughs, uses this opportunity to crash the party and reveal some more secrets in hopes of tearing people apart. Series Creator Adrian Rennie gives alil insight of the 2011 finish.

What is motivating Hope to be so extreme?

What is motivating her now is a broken heart. Her original plan in joining The Cavanaughs was to show Justin she can be a good person, thinking he would fall back in love with her. Her first plot was to get rid of her rival Maddie (Cwennen Corral) in Season 2. When that didn’t work she went after Justin’s best friend Charley. She wanted the ‘out’ Charley to the media and entertainment world as a lesbian and save the day, thus being hero. What she didn’t expect was Charley to attempt suicide. When her role was revealed, that just about ruined any chances of winning Justin back.

At the end of Episode 310, Hope threatened to reveal Noreen’s secret. What’s next for these two?

Hints of Noreen’s secret has been dropped since Season 1. And it’s a doozy. The only sad fact is that Noreen not will be in the season finale. Actually there are two actors who are not in the finale due to scheduling conflicts. But they will be in season four and Noreen’s absence will play a pivotal part in the finale.

What else can you share?

The finale was kinda of my homage to one of my favorite scenes from Days of our Lives, when Renee Dimera (Philece Sampler) gathered the town of Salem and read them all the riot act. In a way Hope is alot like the character of Renee. They are both passionate driven people who do what they can to get what they want. Hope was in love and to win back that love, she totally went about it the wrong way. She’s burned bridges and her walls have crashed. She knows she’s been banished and Hope is the kind of girl who has the last word.

Will Mark (Grant Landry)  and Scott (Daniel Rhyder) reconcile?

That’s just something you’ll have to see. Mark is about to get the rug pulled from under him too.

What about Bryan and Maddie?

These two have a deep friendship bond. The guilt he had in Shea’s suicide will be healed by Maddie. There were a couple of scenes that were written and not filmed due to time restraints and scheduling where Maddie arrives to help Bryan pack up Shea’s things. In the finale, Bryan will get a shock of his own.

How do you feel about Season 3?

Fantastic. This season was so challenging and yet so much fun.  The cast, crew, the fans, and the fellow colleagues from other indie soaps have been nothing but encouraging and supportive. This ensemble we have is a dream come true. It’s been quite fascinating to see where we have come, and I’m looking forward to Season 4. We’re not done yet!

To catch up on the latest episode – Check out Episode 310 : Twisted Every Way


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