Looks like while I’m away, the peeps will play. Here is a lil blurb about a few CAVANAUGHS cast members on this weeks WeLoveSoaps IndieHouse column by Kevin Mulcahy Jr.  Plus some other juicy tidbits on a few other Indie Soaps like DEVANITY, RAGGED ISLE, PROPER MANORS and EMPIRE


– Has THE CAVANAUGHS showrunner Adrian Morales (Bryan) gone completely mad? A rough cut of the season four trailer (no, it’s not released yet – I’m sneaky) certainly appears to feature fan favorite Ryan Kibby (Shea) as a… detective? But Shea died! Adrian promises me it’s not what I think – or even expect (but who can trust the word of a mad man?) However, beyond that, he’s making me wait for season four.  Maybe CAVANAUGHS “moral compass” Cwennen Corral (Maddie) will offer guidance?

(sidenote: I contacted madman Adrian. He confirmed trailers have been completed and will be up soon! & that production will resume in mid July to complete Season 4’s 12 episode arc. But here’s my tidbit to share, what may seem like a ending for some characters, may be a spinoff for some in 2013. WHAAAAT?!  -ST)