What’s The Cavanaughs? A show within a show soap opera? The CBS comedy from the 1980’s? Well, returning 09/27/12 is the lil indie web soap that could. On its fourth exciting season, The Cavanaughs are back with 12 episodes. Picking up from the Season 3 cliffhanger of who shot Hope, the series has raised the stakes of what is the final season for many characters. So to refresh the minds of some and to introduce to new curious viewers, here’s what you need to know about The Cavanaughs.

Premiere date : May 20, 2010

Tags: Where Friends Become Family

Known For : A diversified cast, featuring characters from different ethnics backgrounds and sexual orientations. Most notably a drag queen that is protrayed in a positive light.

Stories that mix in humor, tackling social issues such as suicide.

Season Storylines

Season 1 (12 Episodes) : Followed a group of friends reuniting after the flop of a self made TV sitcom pilot, and their journey to attempt a second try. This led them to the hiring of Hope Capwell, who had plans of her own.

Season 2 (6 Episodes) : Followed Hope’s attempt to rid The Cavanaughs of her rival Maddie. The cast staged a walk out in protest. With the help of Noreen Cavanaugh and Maddie’s ghostly brother Shea, Maddie returned to the cast.

Season 3 (11 Episodes) : With the sitcom now in production, Hope continued to manipulate her cast in a quest to win back Justin. Schemes including outing Charley as a lesbian, tearing apart Scott and Mark, and revealing to Maddie about Bryans role in Shea’s death. This lead to someone shooting Hope in the season finale.

Screenshot from Ep 311 : One of these people shot Hope

Season 4 Preview

(12 Episodes) : The Cavanaughs have been on an hiatus following the shooting of Hope. The story will break off into 3 major storylines as the family unit created amongst these friends is torn apart.

1) Scott and Mark embark on a journey of reconciliation.

2) Noreen is kidnapped before the show can return to production, and there is more than meets the eye regarding who is truly behind the kidnapping, and why.

3) The shooting of Hope will take a dark turn as friends are turned against each other, leading to a dramatic climax in which death will come knocking.

Screenshot 301 : The cast/crew celebrate the completion of filming an episode of their sitcom

The Characters – Who’s Who


the executive producer : Rebecca (Emily Sandack) – newly appointed to resurrect The Cavanaughs, is the sister of former producer Hope. Highly confident and more cunning, she has plans to bring in the high ratings for The Cavanaughs no matter what the cost.

the producer : Justin (Kevin Makely) – appointed by Hope to be a producer. He is currently in jail for ‘confessing’ to the shooting of Hope

the creator/writer : Bryan (Adrian Morales) – just as he’s finally admitted about his role in the death of his boyfriend Shea who accidentally commited suicide. He is now mystified as why he sees the face of Shea on Detective Drew Waters, while no one else can.

the co-writer : Cary (Lars Slind) – hired on my college pal Hope. When he learned Hope secretly ‘outted’ Charley, Cary took it upon himself to blackmail Hope to bring his cousin and girlfriend on the show as actors. Secretly seeing Sarah.

the production assistant : Dumas (Percy Rustomji) – step brother of actor Mark. ex-assistant to Hope. outgoing with dreams of stardom. Currently on the outs with Mark after Hope revealed secrets Dumas has kept.


the star : Noreen Cavanaugh (Ginger Snappz) – a popular tv sitcom drag queen star, who before was an oridinary actor named Murray. Its been revealed that Noreen/Murray knew fellow actor Charley was his daughter and kept quiet about it to stay close to her.

leading actress : Maddie (Cwennen Corral) – in love with Justin, determined to bring her friends back together following the shooting of Hope.

leading actor : Mark (Grant Landry) – was once involved with Sarah’s best friend Daniel, and maninpulated in a sexual relationship with former producer Hope.

supporting actress : Charley (Deborah Estelle Philips) – the secret daughter of Noreen Cavanaugh/Murray and Charlotte. Was outted as a lesbian to the media and when shunned by the parents who raised her, Charely contemplated suicide. Her deceased friend Shea helped her decide to live. Doesn’t remember if she shot Hope or not, after being found with the gun in her hand.

supporting actress : Sarah (Amanda Broadwell) – flirty and outgoing. she once harbored a crush on fellow co-star Mark. Now she is in a secret relationship with writer Cary.

supporting actress : Gabrielle (now played by Desiree Pernaselci) – unsuspecting and nice hearted model girlfriend of Cary.

supporting actor : Zack (Matthew Trbovich) – once dated Sarah and the cousin of Cary.


Shea (Ryan Kibby) – the deceased brother of Maddie and lover of Bryan, who watches over them from the other side

Scott (Daniel Rhyder) – the singer best friend of Sarah, who is in love with Mark.

Hope (Camille Bennett) – the former producer of The Cavanaughs. Hates Maddie and is in love with Justin. Her reign of manipulation led to someone shooting her.

Bingo (Nathaniel Vincent) – the trusty bartender to the cast/crew of The Cavanaughs

Charlotte (Carla Marie) – the lawyer mother of Charley, saw the error of her ways when Charley attemped suicide.

Drew Waters (Ryan Kibby) – the detective appointed to find out who shot Hope. To Bryan, Drew looks exactly like his dead lover Shea, though no one else can tell.

Kirsten Andrews (Katie Caprio) – Drew’s insightful and intelligent partner. She is in love with Drew.

Marlena (Georgan George) – A mysterious woman who shares a history with Noreen and another person involved with The Cavanaughs.

Daniel (Greg Marcel) – Rebecca’s personal assistant.

Entertainment Reporters (Jon Paul Burkhardt & Jacqueline Lorraine) – Keeping the audience updated on the latest entertainment news, most particularly about the return of The Cavanaughs

D’Montrell Williams (Terrence Moss) – A witty talk show host. First appears Ep 406

Cary (Lars Slind), Gabrielle (Desiree Pernaselci) and Zack (Matthew Trobvich) are summoned for a meeting on their future.



Season 3, Episode 3 saw the surprise cameo from East Coast Based Indie Soap ANACOSTIA’s Award Winning Anthony Anderson, in which a lost Anthony crossed paths with Bryan and Sarah.

Season 4 will feature West Coast Based Indie Soap DEVANITY’s Michael Caruso whose character Jason DeVanity will cross the paths of Noreen and Rebecca.


Katie Caprio – Indie Websoap DeVanity
Grant Landry – Cable Horror Soap Opera The Lair
Desiree Pernaselci – Indie Websoap VENICE
Deborah Estelle Philips – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


The Cavanaughs is based on a stage play, entitled The Seven Lessons of Life, that ran in Hollywood, CA in the summers of 2002 & 2003, and of a sequel that was presented in 2004.

The actual sitcom pilot was filmed in 2008, featuring Amanda Broadwell, Cwennen Corral, Adrian Morales, and Deborah Estelle Philips. There is also a surprise cameo from The Young and The Restless actor Thom Bierdz, who let the production feature his artwork.


Notable Award Nominations

2nd Annual Indie Soap Awards
Outstanding Lead Actress – Cwennen Corral (Maddie)
Fan Favorite – The Cavanaughs

3rd Annual Indie Soap Awards
Best Breakthrough Performance – Deborah Estelle Philips (Charley)
Fan Favorite – The Cavanaughs

1st Annual DeepDish Groovy Web Awards
Best Show Drama – The Cavanaughs
Best Ensemble Drama – The Cavanaughs
Best Supporting Actor – Daniel Rhyder (Scott)
Best Supporting Actor – Michael Womack / Ginger Snappz (Noreen Cavanaugh)
Best Supporting Actress – Deborah Estelle Philips (Charley)
Hottest Hunk – Grant Landry (Mark)

2010 DeepDish Web Award
Hottest Hunk runner up – Grant Landry (Mark)
Honorable Mention Breakout character – Noreen Cavanaugh – (Michael Womack/Ginger Snappz)

Season 4 Screenshots

Justin (Kevin Makely) sits in jail for a crime he did not commit.

Charley (Deborah Estelle Philips) cannot remember if she shot Hope. Her mother Charlotte (Carla Marie) had motive to shoot Hope as well.

Detectives Kirsten (Katie Caprio) and Drew (Ryan Kibby) question Mark (Grant Landry) and Rebecca (Emily Sandack)

These five are destined for danger


http://staytunedtv.net/showvideo.php?sid=519 (currently reboadcasting from Season 1)

The Cavanaughs E-Book


Available as EBook and Apple IPad Format for $3.99.

120 pages covering all past 3 seasons with complete synopsis, history and tons of behind the scenes photos

So on Thursday September 27, 2012 and every following Thursday, if you like soap operas, and want to follow a compelling story about a group of friends – check out The Cavanaughs!!

And here’s a link to The Cavanaughs Season 4 Trailer



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3) Who slept with who in the season 2 Finale ?

4) Name at least two actors who have appeared in every episode?

5) Something easy to Google and a fun fact – Two actresses have played our devious Hope. Which Days of our Lives actress was the part originally written for?