The Cavanaughs Ep 404 : Too Late For Turning Back

Sarah is worried about Bryan’s mental health. Maddie recounts her role in Hope’s shooting as Charley turns to Charlotte for help. Noreen flashes back and gets help from an old friend. Rebecca and Hope have sisterly reunion. Scott believes Hope is lying as Cary is hiding a secret of his own. Three lives are in jeopardy.

Directed by Adrian Morales & Cwennen Corral

Ginger Snappz (Noreen Cavanaugh)
Amanda Broadwell (Sarah)
Cwennen Corral (Maddie)
Ryan Kibby (Shea/Detective Drew)
Grant Landry (Mark)
Kevin Makely (Justin)
Carla Marie (Charlotte)
Adrian Morales (Bryan)
Deborah Estelle Philips (Charley)
Daniel Rhyder (Scott)
Percy Rustomji (Dumas)
Emily Sandack (Rebecca)

Camille Bennett (Hope)
Katie Caprio (Kirsten)
Georgan George (Marlena)
Jason Medwin (Jason)
Desiree Pernaselci (Gabrielle)
Lars Slind (Cary)
Matthew Trbovich (Matt)

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