The indie websoap The Cavanaughs, that follows the behind the scenes of a television show, continues to plow through Season 4 & its final season. There’s more to come as storylines get ready to collide. Here is what you can look forward to this November 2012. What characters will make it to the finale episodes in December? But first…

*Noreen / Rebecca / Charley / Charlotte

Executive Producer Rebecca (Emily Sandack) quickly snatches Noreen (Ginger Snappz) for a TV show interview with talk show host D’Montrell Williamson (Terrence Moss) to talk about her kidnapping ordeal. Rebecca is so focused on getting publicity for The Cavanaughs and returning the sitcom to the airwaves, she is not putting into account Noreen’s emotions. What will happen when Rebecca arranges for secret guests unstable Charley (Deborah Estelle Philips) and ex-wife Charlotte (Carla Marie) to appear? Charley still thinks she shot Hope and has not had a conversation with Noreen since learning Noreen is her real father. It will be one family reunion indeed…

* DeVanity crossover – Jason DeVanity

Spotlighted will be the guest appearance and Indie Soap Crossover from Michael Caruso’s hit series DeVanity, in which Jason DeVanity will cross paths with Noreen and Rebecca. His presence and ties to two characters will ultimately change the course of Noreen, Rebecca & the future of The Cavanaughs.









*Mark / Scott / Hope

Not everyone will survive the car accident, and Mark (Grant Landry) will rush to the hospital to learn of his step brother’s fate. While at the hospital, Scott (Daniel Rhyder) will learn Hope has a peacemaking offer for Mark. He will be faced with a decision that may just ruin his relationship with Mark. Mark wants to let down his walls and trust again after being betrayed by Hope and Dumas (Percy Rustomji). Will Scott make the right choice? Hope (Camille Bennett) will leave the Cavanaughs canvas in November. But before her exit, what trouble will she bring?







* Drew / Kirsten / Shea / Bryan

Detective Drew (Ryan Kibby) is mystified on why he is having memories from the deceased Shea. One thing is for sure, Kirsten (Katie Caprio) has feelings for her co-partner and is determined to get to the bottom of the situation. Bryan (Adrian Rennie) will confront Drew for answers. The reason for Drew having Shea’s memories will be revealed.








*  Maddie / Justin / Cary

As previewed in the first scene of this season, Justin (Kevin Makely) cradled a bloodied Maddie (Cwennen Corral) begging her to hold on. With Cary (Lars Slind) revealed as the shooter, his rampage will take a dangerous sinister turn. Sarah (Amanda Broadwell) realizes too late and falls into his clutches. Next will lead Cary to a life and death situation at the tavern with several core characters, including Maddie. Who will survive? Stay tuned!!