The Cavanaughs Ep 406 : Getaway With Anything

Rebecca quickly schedules a ‘newly returned’ Noreen Cavanaugh for the D’Montrell Williamson Show to talk about her kidnapping ordeal. Maddie tells Bryan and Justin about seeing the deceased Shea. Kirsten expresses her feelings to Drew. Charlotte makes a discovery going through her daughter’s purse. Mark gives a heartfelt plea. The car accident fatality is revealed. Sarah becomes the next victim of Cary.

Written by : Ryan Kibby

Directed by : Ryan Kibby & Adrian Morales

Ginger Snappz (Noreen Cavanaugh)
Amanda Broadwell (Sarah)
Cwennen Corral (Maddie)
Ryan Kibby (Shea/Detective Drew)
Grant Landry (Mark)
Kevin Makely (Justin)
Carla Marie (Charlotte)
Adrian Morales (Bryan)
Deborah Estelle Philips (Charley)
Daniel Rhyder (Scott)
Percy Rustomji (Dumas)
Emily Sandack (Rebecca)

Katie Caprio (Kirsten)
Kamuela Kim (Dr Bruce Lee)
Gregory Marcel (Danny)
Terrence Moss (D’Montrell)
Lars Slind (Cary)
Nathaniel Vincent (Bingo)