Camille Bennett Wilson (Hope) - The Cavanaughs

November 29th marked the last air date for Camille Bennett, who has played the devious Hope since September 2011. We at The Cavanaughs have enjoyed having Camille as part of our cast. Camille is embarking on a new chapter in her life – motherhood! Cheers Camille! We love you and wish you the best!

Will you miss the character of Hope?
Of course! Playing the villain has been a dream for me. It’s so much more exciting to play someone with such complexity. She really could be so evil and it was so fun to see her story line play out.

What are some of your fondest memories filming ?
The cat fight with Maddie at the end of last season! The actress who plays Maddie (Cwennen Corral) is just lovely… so screaming and lunging at her was beyond comical. Also, Grand Landry, who plays Mark continually had me in a sleeper hold between takes.


Do you have a favorite scene?
The scene where Hope gets drunk at the cast party or where she takes a bullet. Both were very fun to film.

How do you feel about Hope’s change after the coma?
I would like to believe its legitimate, but even I don’t trust her 🙂

Do you feel she’s being genuine with Justin and Mark?
I feel that Hope will ALWAYS have something up her sleeve.

How do you feel about Hope’s exit?
I think there is more to the story. She is still keeping secrets and who knows how she could bombshell her way back into the lives of the Cavanaughs.

What’s next for Camille?
Like my evil counterpart Hope, I, along with my very sweet husband, are welcoming our first child. I was pregnant the entire last season of the Cavanaughs. So while Hope would fake a baby, that bump is the real deal!