Now that this story has been completed, it’s the appropriate time to look back and reflect. As I go through every individual, I will share some stories and give a little insight to my cast, of whom I have so blessed to have spent the time working and getting to know them. The Cavanaughs will hold a special place in my heart, I feel honored to work amongst individuals who have all had a special place in their heart to be a part of an ensemble. So hope you enjoy these as I have had looking back with a loving smile. First up, our fearless leader Ginger Snappz aka Michael Womack.


How did I met Ginger Snappz?

Hmm, I’m sure it was at a place called Mickey’s in West Hollywood. We had friends in common. I think off the bat there was a mutual admiration. He made me laugh. And I knew that he was the real deal.

How did Ginger Snappz land the role of Noreen Cavanaugh?

The role of Noreen Cavanaugh was played by another actor in the stage versions and on the original TV pilot. However the actor also ran a restaurant and when we started to prep the webseries, he opted to drop out to focus on his other flourishing career. For a good day, I was stressed on finding another actor. Cwennen Corral (Maddie) immediately said, call Michael Womack, saying he was a good man with a huge personality and that he would fit in just nicely. So we got in contact and it all worked out just nicely. I still remember his first day, where his character was introduced playing strip poker! You just knew there was something special happening.

Favorite Moments :

Michael impressed me right off the bat. He was a team player and so easy to work with. He never complained, if he did, I never heard it. Whenever someone new was on set, you could count on him to welcome the newbies. You could be sure to hear and love his infectious laugh. Well here are some thought of my favorite moments from each season!

*Season 1:
There was fun moment I liked with Ginger when his character was recounting Aaron Spelling stories mixing fact with fiction. Having drinks with friends and telling stories is just one of those moments where the audience gets invested with a character.

cue to (0:30)

*Season 2:
In the finale, as this ragtag group of friends celebrated on the eve of the production of their sitcom. Noreen toasted and lead the group in toasts, where she lead the group to realize that what they have created was a family. Actor Ginger Snappz made the scene so sincere with his honest delivery.

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*Season 3:
The one scene that stands out for me is when Noreen summoned Charlotte after Charley had disappeared. I remembered when I first saw the completed footage and just smiled at Ginger’s acting. To see the character Noreen comes to Charley’s defense was delightful. I am pretty sure at the time Ginger was unaware that I was planning to reveal Charley as his daughter, though I did drop several hints in season 1. His last lines threatening Charlotte were golden!

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*Season 4
Ginger had a knock out last season. Being kidnapped, reconciling w her daughter, learning who was responsible. What I loved was when Noreen invited her kidnapper Marlena (Georgan George) to Maddie’s wedding in an act of forgiveness. Ginger gave a simple sincere and believable performance that just made me smile.

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Parting words :

I believe what is meant to be is meant to be. I feel that Ginger Snappz aka Michael Womack was meant to play Noreen Cavanaugh. A fun fact is that Noreen is named after an aunt who passed away from Lupus. She was a force to be reckoned with, who would always tell it as it is, sometimes bluntly and sometimes with a sincere voice. Michael brought his awesome personality and is much loved by the cast and crew. His character was a leader, and so is Michael/Ginger. And he does it with class, with humor and with much love. Thank you for bringing this character to life and its no wonder you became a fan favorite. You are just an exceptional human being. Cheers!