Grant Landry has been one of The Cavanaughs most popular actors, with his good looks and acting chops. In the series finale, fans were divided when the character of Mark opted to pursue his acting career than mend his troubled relationship with Scott (Daniel Rhyder). Since wrapping the series, Grant has been been keeping busy. Next up on his plate is the indie flick THE BETTER HALF. Grant shares his thoughts on the end of THE CAVANAUGHS and his new life with THE BETTER HALF.


The Cavanaughs has completed its webseries run. What were some of your favorite moments?

The Cavanaugh’s had such an amazing cast but it was also a large one. Over the course of four seasons certain characters fell into their own little subplots and circles so it was always great when we had those scenes that involved EVERYONE. You can only imagine what Ginger Snappz (Noreen Cavanaugh) is like at 6am in front of an audience.


How do you feel about the character Mark leaving the gang, Scott and choosing to pursue his acting career ?

I know a lot of people were upset by it but I think it was true to who Mark was. It’s a choice a lot of people have to make in life – career or love. Mark made his although in his defense for those who think he should have chosen love Scott did hurt him in the end, even if Scott had the best intentions. It’s hard because after four seasons with these guys they do feel very much like part of my own family. I want Mark to be happy.


Regarding the Better Half. It’s the story about a gay couple and their journey as they adopt a baby. How did you get involved with the project?

We originally tried to get this off the ground over a year ago. I had auditioned for the project which was originally just shooting a few scenes of Tony and Let and trying to raise money to make a feature. I just formed a connection with the piece and with the amazing writer and director, Michelle Clay, who really made me believe in this story and this project and I’ve been working with it ever since.

What’s it like to work with a baby?

Ok, I have never worked with a baby before and let me tell you I was a little nervous. But once you see Avie you will get why nervous gave way to one giant AWWWWWWWWWWW. I’m assuming we are getting seriously spoiled on this set because all this baby does is smile and laugh and look absolutely adorable. I’ve been told that this is not the norm (my own parents have informed me I was not as delightful).


Tell us about the character Tony. How can you relate to his experiences.

The great thing about playing Tony is how different he is from Mark. Where Mark chose career Tony will always choose family, although I think Tony thinks of his cases as part of his family sometimes (he’s a social worker), so there is some gray area/overlap. A lot of Tony’s life though is from a different path than mine; Tony is settled down and wants and obviously gets a child during the course of the movie. It’s a different world than mine.

And a last lil sidenote, its been noted you will be reuniting with a few co-stars, will you be sharing scenes with your former Cavanaughs co-stars Emily Sandack (Rebecca) and Daniel Rhyder (Scott)?

I’m super excited to get to act with these two amazing talents again. Emily will be playing my sister whereas Daniel plays one of my friends that I force Leo to have dinner with once a month. So in a way we will get that Mark/Scott reunion on screen!

On completeing the four seasons of The Cavanaughs…

I would love to just thank each and every one of you. If you caught just one episode or were there from the beginning, thank you for being a part of our family. It was a wonderful ride and to all of you I say, one last time, CHEERS!


Thank you Grant. It’s been truly a pleasure to work with you on THE CAVANAUGHS. There is no doubt on the future success that is to come. I’m very proud to have crossed paths with you. Cheers my friend!

You can help donate to THE BETTER HALF by clicking and exploring its IndieGoGo page