The Season One of The Cavanaughs (May 20, 2010 – October 7, 2010) served as introductory of the characters behind the scenes, and the evolution from returning to the script to the first table read of the sitcom.

Episode 101 : Think of Me (release date May 20, 2010)

A group of friends reunite for the screening of an unsold sitcom pilot entitled ‘The Cavanaughs’, and the seed to return to the project is planted.

Episode 102 : Woman in White (release date May 27, 2010 )

And the story continues. The identity of the guy in the picture is revealed. A return to “The Cavanaughs” is tossed around. On the eve of her wedding, Charley has a heart to heart with Maddie.

Episode 103 : If Only (release date June 3, 2010)

And the story continues. Charley’s wedding day arrives. Sarah finds herself thinking about Mark. Scott performs Bryan’s song at his cabaret.

Episode 104 : Half a Moment (release June 17, 2010)

Bryan’s writers block causes him to hallucinate. Maddie gets a surprise visit from a former flame. Mark has a stalker. Charley returns with a decision for ‘The Cavanaughs’.

Episode 105 : Stop! Wait! Please! (release date June 24, 2010)

Maddie gives Bryan a writing deadline. Noreen tries to stop Sarah from doing something drastic with Mark. Mark has his hands full dealing with his stepbrother.

Episode 106 : Don’t Know How to Love Him (release date July 1, 2010)

A new script for The Cavanaughs is completed and a dinner party is called. Dumas makes an attempt at friendship with Mark. Sarah’s act of love encourages Maddie and Scott to act impulsively.

Episode 107 : Memory (release date July 29, 2010)

Noreen is on a mission to discover why two actors have quit ‘The Cavanaughs’. Charley and Bryan lean on each other. Dumas remains persistent in his pursuit for a brotherly relationship with Mark.
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Episode 108 : Dice Are Rolling (release date August 05, 2010)

And the story continues. Noreen and Maddie debate their Cavanaugh case. Scott gets his word in with Bryan. Charley runs into Chris, the man she stood up at the altar. Dumas realizes Sarah’s feelings for Mark.
* * * Stay tuned for outtakes after credits! CHEERS!

Episode 109 : Seeing is Believing (release date August 12, 2010)

Noreen shares a secret with Mark. Bryan compromises to get Maddie back on The Cavanaughs. Maddie shares how things are going with Justin. Charey finds a friendly ear with Beverly Fairfax

Episode 110 : Likes of Us (release date September 23, 2010)

Noreen and Beverly share some TV history. Sarah gets a pan on YouTube. Scott sees a different side of Mark. The new producer offers Justin a job, and her identity makes Maddie assume the worst.

Episode 111 : Let Me Finish (release date September 30, 2010)

Dumas targets Scott. Mark gives Sarah a boost of confidence. Noreen defends Charley. Justin questions Hope’s motives. Maddie and Hope meet for the first time.

Episode 112 : Point of No Return (release date October 7, 2010) –

It’s the day of the Table Read followed with a Cavanaugh 70’s Party after. Talk Show hosts Dina & Gregg offer their office space to the Cavanaughs gang. Charley get a phone call from her mom. Scott tries to deny to himself he isn’t thinking of Mark. Hope plays her hand to Bryan which could spell trouble for his cast.