Season Two of The Cavanaughs (March 17, 2011-April 21,2011) – saw the a short story arc originally created to serve as a link from Season 1 to a pilot being pitched to a cable network. In these six episodes, the story saw the firing of the lead actress and how the cast came together as a family to bring her back onto the production.

Episode 201 : The Wine and the Dice (Original Release Date: March 17, 2011)

The Executive Producer Hope wants Maddie off ‘The Cavanaughs’. The gang gathers to decide what to do. Scott does not approve of Sarah’s new suitor and goes to Mark for help. Charley reveals a secret to Justin.

Episode 202 : If Not for Me (Original Release Date : March 24, 2011)

In defense of Maddie, the cast of ‘The Cavanaughs’ attempt a walkout. Justin confronts Hope. Mark offers to meet Sarah’s new beau. Maddie’s and Charley’s heart to heart ends in a falling out. A ghostly Shea (now played by Ryan Kibby) returns to Noreen’s side with a mission.

Episode 203 : Beautiful Game (Original Releasse Date : March 31, 2011)

Shea continues to haunt Noreen. Justin brings Maddie and Charley back together. Bryan and Shea share a moment. Sarah is entertained by her new beau which makes Scott feel left out. Mark and Scott place a wager over a game of pool.

Episode 204 : So Much To Do (Original Release Date : April 7, 2011)

Hope interrogates Bryan about his drinking. Charley checks up on Maddie. Beverly urges Noreen get Maddie back on ‘The Cavanaughs’ before it’s too late. Justin has a hunch and uses Dumas help him. Sarah brings Zack to meet Mark, much to Scott’s chagrin. Hope finds a casting replacement in talk show hostess Dina Martinez.

Episode 205 : Poor Fool (Original Release Date : April 14, 2011)

Sarah has it out with Scott when she overhears him making fun of Zack. When Bryan ignores Hope’s request to stop drinking, Charley opts to join him. Justin confronts Hope when he discovers she lied about the test screenings to get Maddie replaced. Noreen and Maddie learn Dina Martinez has joined the cast. Dumas gets an unexpected jolt.

Episode 206 : Dear Old Friend (Original Release Date : April 21, 2011)

In the 2011 Spring Finale – Hope meets with Noreen and Maddie. Mark learns Dumas was fired. Beverly leaves for Puerto Villarta. Announcements, reconciliations and toasts are made as filming for the pilot is about to commence.